Carolyn L Henderson Virtual Memorial Service


There will be a live inside church service on October 17.  Please consider carefully your health and the health of those around you in your decision to attend. Do not attend if you have any of the potential COVID-19 symptoms which are described later. The on-line church service will continue every week regardless of whether or not in-person services are held. Please register at the link below if you plan to attend the in-person service. We ask that you register so that we limit attendance and maintain safe social distancing for everyone and so that we maintain contact information if contact tracing is necessary. The online streaming worship service will continue as normal. The registration link is here:

Further information about preparing for the church service and the church's procedures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and volunteer training documents are here:



Visiting a new church can be intimidating. It shouldn't be—but it just is. Here at Vallejo Central we don't want that to be your experience. Make yourself at home. You're now among friends. 

We are a multicultural and intergenerational community of Christian believers who love unconditionally and serve compassionately. 

If you're looking for a community of faith who will encourage you to give life your best, and provide you with opportunities to better yourself and others,  we invite you to be a part of our family. 

Founded in 1945, as a part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist denomination, our church was established on the ideals of giving everyone a chance to learn, grow, and experience God, while journeying together and serving our community. We would love to meet you and take the next steps together!