Christmas Adopt-A-Family

Our church has an opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for two families that are victims of sexual assault in Solano County in partnership with Napa Solano SANE/SART. I have a Christmas needs list and wish list from each family. If you would like to help and would be willing to purchase at least one gift and maybe write a note of encouragement to the family, please contact me and I can share the list. Fortunately, the list is quite specific so you won't have to spend a lot of time figuring out what to get. The gifts will need to be purchased and brought to the church unwrapped by Dec. 15. The gift exchange is anonymous so neither the giver or receiving family will be known to each other.


About SANE/SART: Napa Solano SANE/SART provides qualified professionals to give victim centered care and support in a ‘safe place’, appropriate medical care, emotional support, advocacy, crisis intervention, assistance and education, as well as individual medical-legal examinations.